Taking a Look: How NephōSec Works from Home

Written by Maya Guevara with input from the NephōSec Team

As tech giant Google announces its plan to have employees work from home through the next year, more and more people are realizing that “Work From Home” or “WFH” policies might be here to stay.

At NephōSec, however, WFH is nothing new. We’ve been meeting remotely and problem-solving over web calls from the beginning, giving us a headstart on the changing work environment in the face of COVID-19.

Why we WFH

As we’ve embraced WFH, we have also embraced the advantages that come with it. For example, one major advantage of WFH is the flexibility it allows. When asked what she likes about WFH, our Creative Marketing Director, Susan, said “Working from home gives me the flexibility to work non-traditional working hours and care for my family as well.”

WFH has also allowed NephōSec to find talent outside where we are based in Cincinnati. In fact, half of our team is located outside the city around Ohio. By working remotely, we get to keep our amazing team without needing relocation.

WFH advice

While we miss coming into the office and seeing each other in person, we were thankfully well-equipped to work entirely from home. NephōSec has always embraced WFH. Even as BigCo. SmallCo., our team has done the majority of our work remotely — coming together on occasion for brainstorming sessions or work events.

Since WFH is so familiar, we had our team share some insight and advice:

  • A good environment is key: When Shay first started WFH a couple years ago, the biggest challenge was getting his brain in “work mode”. It can take trial and error, but Shay says that “anything you can do to stimulate a work environment and get yourself in the groove pays dividends”.
  • Staying social: Maureen stresses the importance of social interaction and team bonding. Here at NephōSec, we touch base daily, and she loves that we have tools that enable us to do that.
  • Time Management: Our intern, Maya, suggests getting rid of all distractions while working. As much as she would love to be scrolling through Instagram, she works best when her phone is in another room and all her attention is dedicated to her computer screen. Other than that, she plots out quick breaks to get up and move around.
  • Screens… and more screens: Taking a look at the video above, it’s quite apparent that multiple computer screens are a necessity. If possible, investing in an additional screen can help organize tasks and keep focus.

Here at NephoSec, we aren’t afraid of the tech transition, we embrace it. Talk with us to learn how we can help you Cloud with Confidence here.

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