NephoSec Security Advisories

The mission of the CVE® Program is to identify, define, and catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) is a database of these security issues. A CVE number uniquely identifies one vulnerability from the list. Enterprises typically use CVE, and corresponding CVSS scores, for planning and prioritization in their vulnerability management programs.

The CVE Program actively partners with community members worldwide to help grow CVE content and expand its use.  CVE details can be downloaded from the CVE website.

CVE-2021-44852: Biostar RACING GT Evo

Published: Mike Alfaro, NephoSec 12/21/2021

Insecure device DACL allows arbitrary physical memory read/write, arbitrary code execution, and arbitrary port I/O


Published: Mike Alfaro, NephoSec 11/8/2022

Insecure device DACL allows arbitrary virtual memory read/write

CVE-2022-45451: Acronis Cyber Protect File System Minifilter Driver Privilege Escalation

Published: Mike Alfaro, NephoSec 11/17/2022

Insecure minifilter communication port DACL allows arbitrary file read and code execution

CVE-2023-1304, CVE-2023-1305, CVE-2023-1306: Exploiting Rapid7’s InsightCloudSec

Published: Mike Alfaro, NephoSec 3/21/2023

Insecure Jinja2 runtime allows authenticated remote code execution, cleartext credential retrieval, arbitrary Redis command execution, and limited arbitrary file read/write