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NephōSec is your partner to ensure Cybersecurity

  • InsightCloudSec Value Acceleration
  • NephōTools for InsightCloudSec
    • Mesh
    • Jinja Ninja
    • Virtual Machine Vulnerability Management
  • Cloud Cost Curation
  • Cloud Asset Lifecycle Security
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Ransomware Readiness

NephōSec allows you to Cloud with Confidence

NephōSec® (Nef-O-Sec)

Our company’s name NephōSec is the blending of two words. Nephos which is the Greek term for a cloud or mass of clouds and Security. The blending of the two terms into NephōSec meaning Cloud Security.

We work with organizations on the development and implementation of strategic initiatives designed to secure IT assets, streamline processes, and introduce efficiencies to reduce costs. While our focus is implementing these initiatives for a Cloud environment, we work with organizations regardless of their current IT configuration:

Legacy Hardware



We work closely with your IT professionals to assess, test and remediate for potential vulnerabilities within your configuration. We view ourselves as a long-term partner rather than a vendor in protecting the integrity and security of your organization, your customers and your reputation.

Cloud with confidence…

NephōSec works with your organization to provide a comprehensive roadmap to enhance security, streamline processes, and achieve cost efficiencies.   

While NephōSec’s focus has been on the migration and security of cloud assets, our methodology involves four primary functions that apply to all IT configurations. 

These functions provide your organization a thorough analysis of its current configuration and recommendations for maximizing the security and efficiency of your IT assets. They also serve as the foundation for a long-term strategic plan to combat the risks and threats all organizations will face in the coming years.

NephōSec Assessment

There are three assessment tools available to your organization:

  • Review and analysis of the organization’s security policies.
  • Assessment of the Operations, Structure and Health of the current IT configuration. In most cases, this will involve an understanding of how the original IT configuration was architected. 
  • Internal Controls Assessment reviews the existing governance, risk management and compliance strategies in place to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.  This is also an excellent tool for streamlining processes and achieving cost efficiencies.

NephōSec Testing

NephōSec offers a variety of testing services that can be performed together as a comprehensive penetration testing exercise or individually depending on your organization’s needs.

NephōSec Remediation

NephoSec’s Assessment and Testing findings are provided in a summary report with a detailed action plan for remediating vulnerabilities. 

  • Detailed explanations of specific vulnerabilities are provided with recommendations for remediation.
  • Summaries identify enhanced protection measures and process changes to achieve both improved security posture & potential cost efficiencies.
  • Remediation Services are available to assist your organization in accelerating the implementation of recommended remediations.

NephōSec Education

  • NephoSec’s Assessment and Testing summary will also highlight opportunities for education. The educational recommendations will outline practical steps your organization and its people can take to further enhance security against a breach.        
  • User education and continued reinforcement are critical components of your organization’s overall security strategy. The most successful security strategies emphasize the important role each individual plays in ensuring your organization’s security and provide ongoing, positive reinforcement of that role.