NephōSec is a long-term partner in protecting the integrity and security of your organization, customers and reputation.

NephōSec works with all platform configurations to identify threats and vulnerabilities as a means to implement effective, sustainable solutions.

We are involved in every phase of the process to ensure we’re providing solutions that prepare for and prevent cyber threats and attacks. 


[ ne-fo ]

combining form

concerning cloud or clouds

WORD ORIGIN FOR NEPHOfrom Greek nephos cloud



noun, plural se·cu·ri·ties.

  1. freedom from danger, risk, etc.; safety.
  2. freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt; well-founded confidence.
  3. something that secures or makes safe; protection; defense.
  4. freedom from financial cares or from want
  5. precautions taken to guard against crime, attack, sabotage, espionage, etc.

Industry Experts

NephōSec has a team of highly qualified experts. NephōSec’s experience includes military, banking, finance, technology, cloud and cybersecurity, from large to small businesses. NephōSec experts also hold the following certifications, honors and awards:


  • ITIL Foundation Certification
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Offensive Security Certified Expert
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification
  • AWS Developer Associate Certification
  • AWS Security Specialty Certification
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • AWS  SysOps Administrator Associate Certification