Securing your Cloud Assets Amid COVID-19

Webinar Presented by
Thomas Martin, Founder, NephōSec | Brian Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, DivvyCloud

While almost all organizations plan for localized disaster events very few, if any, ever planned on needing all employees to work remotely.  Dealing with COVID-19 has caused a tectonic shift that has pushed many organizations to accelerate their Cloud efforts whether to scale VPN access or workload migrations.

Speed of action under immense stress many times results in human error.  At the 2019 Google NEXT event Thomas Martin & Brian Johnson of DivvyCloud gave a presentation “Self-service Your Cloud Through Automated Remediation; Without Losing Control”.

The need for automated remediation is more relevant than ever to expose existing issues that can cause security risks and data loss, as well as ensuring configurations remain under constant watch and control.

Click below to watch the presentation to find out how companies have changed their security mindset, defined and implemented guardrails, and deployed the tools necessary for controlled automated remediation.

We, at NephōSec, would be happy to assist!  Watch the video then reach out for a private discussion about your specific needs.

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