The NephōSec Team

Most of us associate resolutions with beginnings; the beginning of a new year, the beginning of school or a new job… even beginning a new life! We hope we’ll keep our resolutions but often they fall by the wayside along with the intentions we made them with. There are resolutions, however, that should endure. They have a beginning but are constant reminders of our resolve to keep them for the betterment of our personal and professional lives. Over the past 2 years, the personal and professional lives we lead are increasingly blurred. As our homes have become our office and more people work remotely, technology has become one of the primary vehicles for the connections in our lives. While technology provides fast, efficient tools to work and live, it is important to remember the risks involved in using these tools. NephōSec has outlined 6 Resolutions below that go a long way toward combating the digital risks we all face. Now these are 6 Resolutions worth keeping!

One of the greatest risks we face is simply a lack of digital security awareness and vigilance. There are key security measures we can take that have a critical impact on the safety and security of our digital lives. The 6 Resolutions below outline these measures, why they are important, and the procedures to follow to keep our digital lives and assets secure.

For many of us, the computers we operate and the networks we’re connected to are secured by the IT department.  In an office environment this provides the IT people a higher degree of control, but as our homes have become the new “office” and our devices and network connections become more diverse, it is critically important to adopt a security mindset to protect our personal and professional digital assets. 

Here is NephōSec’s list to give you the who, what, when, where and why of keeping you and your devices secure.

Make your resolution to be digitally safe and secure!