Operating at Scale: the Digital Transformation

written by Maya Guevara 8/28/2020

Operating at Scale is not just a technology problem. In fact, digital transformation as a whole focuses on so much more than just updating software and implementing automation — it encompasses everything from business strategy to company culture. 

Despite digital transformation being a #1 concern for most companies, 70% of DT initiatives fail. In this article, we will discuss the various components that can hinder or propel operating at Scale.

From 500 servers to 10k instances

Companies going through the digital transformation are seeing a dramatic shift in their IT infrastructure. An increase of servers leads to an increase in networks, which further leads to cloud hosting and ultimately creating environments that are a mix of it all — whether companies are ready for that adoption or not. Instances in AWS and GCP continuously increase and become overwhelming.

From 500 IT staff to 10k engineers

People are the most important part of the digital transformation, and as more tech is being added, that tech is being touched by more people. Instead of the IT Staff exclusively working on infrastructure and deploying applications, the adoption of the cloud means that thousands of engineers around the globe are a part of the same processes.

While this can be a positive and is where the future of tech lies, many companies are not prepared for the organization and learning that is required. Relearning and rethinking is the key to overcoming this problem — traditional processes are out and productive, efficient management is in. Through continuous teaching, organizations can create space for their employees to be imaginative and innovate.

From 205 weekly prod changes to 20k hourly changes

As more people are touching infrastructure, more changes are occurring and constantly building up. Through CI/CD processes, code changes, bug fixes, and more, IT staff can become overwhelmed and security developments deprioritized.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all playbook to the digital transformation, nor can this change happen over night. The problems in this article won’t be fixed without a serious conversation and look at what a company already has and what it can do to change. 

However, NephoSec can help you through that conversation and make the switch to cloud easier — leaving you to focus on what you need to. Talk to us at www.nephosec.com/talktous/

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