Meet the Team: Susan Flamm

written by Maya Guevara 8/7/2020

Meet the Team is a series designed to help you get to know the NephōSec team. 

This week, we are featuring NephōSec’s Creative Marketing Director, Susan Flamm. Read more to learn about the brains and creativity behind all our graphics and marketing materials.

Meeting Susan

Susan was born and raised right here in Cincinnati, OH. After studying interior design at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP, she went on to work at a design firm for about four years. However, when their childcare provider went back to work, Susan decided to stay home to take care of her daughters andstart a home daycare. She continued to run the daycare for 20 years, as it allowed her to be accessible to her family’s needs but also give her the free time she needed to continue her education.

In between daycare activities and family outings, Susan always made sure she had time to try new things she wanted to do. Her background in interior design and love for creativity developed as she learned new skills. By helping her husband with his photography business, Susan began to learn a variety of the  Adobe programs. When her daughters grew older, Susan used her graphic design skills for their events — creating anything and everything from invitational programs, to logos, and even a semi-trailer wrap for their marching band. Soon, Susan was always being asked to design for other people.

As the daycare business dwindled down and Susan became more involved with design, she decided to look for contract work. Thomas Martin, NephōSec’s CEO, happened to also be looking for someone to do graphic design for the company. Susan started off on one project in February 2018, and as the projects and responsibilities piled on, her title changed from Contractor to Employee. 

Outside the office

When asked what she likes to do in her free time, Susan paused for a moment and laughed — at the moment, she doesn’t have much free time. However, she admitted that she reads whenever she can, and her kindle goes everywhere with her. To Susan, reading is an escape from the frenzy of everyday life. 

Susan also loves exploring Cincinnati. Over the years, she has developed a deep appreciation for all the different aspects of the city — so much so that she can’t pinpoint a specific, favorite thing. As a daycare provider, Susan had the unique opportunity to look at Cincinnati through new eyes. She constantly searched for events, parks, and museums for her children to enjoy, and with each activity, she became more acquainted with the city she calls home. One year for Christmas, Susan prepared a special gift for her family. She made a list of fun places in Cincinnati and bought gift certificates for each place. That winter and spring, her daughters were able to learn and explore the city.

While Susan loves the Queen City, traveling to Europe is on her bucket list. As an interior design student, she spent her first years of school studying architecture and her dream is to see the very same architectural masterpieces that she studied in real life.

A mantra of learning

Susan’s mantra is to try new things. A creative person, Susan loves to learn and try what most people would consider impossible. As she says, “Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t — but you learn either way.” Oftentimes, she will walk into a home improvement store with a certain project in mind and be told it won’t work. When her project does work, it makes it that much more gratifying. From graphic design, to creating artwork, to working on house projects, Susan has always found ways outside of interior design to further her creativity. 

One of Susan’s favorite parts about working at NephōSec is the freedom and ability she is given to continue creating. She likes that when Tom gives her a project, it starts as an idea centered around a time period. For example, Susan started BytesBakery with a 50’s easy bake oven concept, and the design process grew from there. As the Marketing Director for NephōSec, Susan gets to use those same analytical and creative tools that she loves.

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