Meet the Team: Maureen Bucher

written by Maya Guevara 10/5/2020

Getting started

Maureen Bucher has a passion for Customer Success. Like Shay, Maureen has been with NephōSec since it was originally Big Co. Small Co. After retiring from GE, her friend and former colleague, Thomas Matin, asked her if she’d like to join this new company he had started… the rest is history!

Maureen always saw herself working in tech. As a University of Cincinnati Bearcat, she studied quantitative analysis in the college of business. She described it as similar to statistics, and used it as a jumping point to get into programming. After several co-ops (she worked for NCR as a programmer, then for GE as a programmer), Maureen fell in love with GE and worked for them in their data center space after graduation.

Maureen’s career has revolved around two things: technology and constant learning. While she started as a programmer, she has also had a variety of other roles. Maureen has worked as an analyst, as well as a system programmer where she installed software for mainframe operating systems. She moved on to quality, where she became a Six Sigma Black Belt. Finally, she worked as a Process Lead in different areas like change management and configuration management until retirement… that is, until she joined NephōSec!

Work hard

Thomas asked Maureen to join NephōSec because he knew her skill set was perfect for the job. The two had worked together for several years at GE and become established as great teammates as well as great friends. Maureen saw the proposal to work at NephōSec as a no-brainer. When asked why she decided to accept the position, she said, “Thomas is an amazing visionary. I don’t know what else I can call him.” Maureen describes him as a dynamic leader, someone who is amazing to work for and with — something that all of us at NephoSec can agree on.

Working at NephōSec has provided Maureen with the opportunity to continuously learn. She loves learning about the cloud space, and has realized many similarities between it and her past roles. The process behind things fascinates her and is what makes her love this job. Maureen also loves that her position is a customer-facing one. She enjoys that NephōSec has the autonomy to respond to customer needs to ensure they get what they need from the team. Additionally with a customer facing role, Maureen gets to work one on one with customers, understanding their requirements and ensuring that when we deliver something, it meets all of their requirements. Facilitating this interaction and working with customers is something she has always loved doing.

Play hard

Outside of work, Maureen stays busy with a variety of interests and hobbies. For example, Maureen loves to read. Her favorite genre is Mystery and she is currently reading through the John Grisham novels. For Maureen, the excitement comes from not knowing what the ending is going to be and predicting what is going to happen, although there is always some twist. 

Maureen also enjoys being outside. Whether it is to bike on the Loveland bike trail or spend time working on her yard, she loves the time spent in nature. Now more than ever, she enjoys the season as it brings mums for her to plant in her garden and pumpkin-flavored everything.

Finally, Maureen likes to travel and spend as much time as possible with her family and friends. She loves the “girls trips” they go on, traveling to different places throughout the states. While upset that she isn’t currently in Europe, where she had a river boat cruise planned, she is grateful for the additional time she gets to spend with family. Maureen’s favorite cities are Denver and Chicago, because that’s where her children live.

The key takeaway? Maureen and all of us at NephōSec are passionate about what we do.

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