NephōSec (Nef-O-Sec): The Meaning Behind the Name

Written by Maya Guevara 7/22/2020

This past April, we rebranded from BigCo. SmallCo. to NephōSec. While we are super excited about this rebranding and what’s to come, we realized that we never fully introduced NephōSec and the meaning behind it! 

Why rebrand?

Before we delve into our company’s name, we should elaborate on why we transitioned away from BigCo. SmallCo.

As BigCo. SmallCo., the majority of the work we were doing for our clients was centered around the transformational effort of ensuring the secure migration of their IT assets to public Cloud providers, and we realized there was an accelerating market need for a company to do just that. We already had the skills and experience in performing security audits, deploying secure infrastructure, and building secure architecture. All that was left to do was let businesses know that we were the cloud technologists specialized in helping them “Cloud with Confidence”

What does the name mean?

NephōSec, quite literally, means “Cloud Security”.

Derived from the Greek word for cloud, the term “Nepho-” has a wealth of history behind it. Nephthys, for example, is a goddess who was portrayed as a symbol of protection. In ancient Egyptian temple theologies, she was seen as the “Helpful Goddess”. There was another figure in Greek mythology named Nephele. According to legend, Zeus created Nephele from a cloud in order to trick King Ixion. 

Due to the connections between clouds and protection, “Nepho” became a perfect fit for part of our company’s name.

Finally, “sec” was added to the end of NephōSec as a shortened version of “security” to emphasize our dedication to keeping your assets and data secure.

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