Don’t Be a Data Breach Statistic

NephōSec’s insightCloudSec Value Acceleration

Rapid7’s 2022 Cloud Misconfigurations Report reviewed 68 publicly reported data exposures from 2021. The companies varied in size and the data compromised wasn’t always the expected records, like credit card information or social security numbers. There are steps you can take to keep your organization from being another data breach statistic, like avoiding misconfigurations in the cloud.

So what should you do?

Train your users

Make sure your users know not to relax security settings on cloud resources. While ongoing, meaningful education is critical, establishing a culture that reinforces the importance of security procedures and incentivizes positive behavior is the foundation of a successful, long term security strategy. It is important to emphasize the critical role each user plays in overall security. While many users can view ongoing education and reinforcement as an inconvenience, making a connection between user behavior and the security of the institution and its customers is vital in today’s environment.

Require Systems and Controls for Security

Records, like names, locations, and email addresses, that appear to be harmless, create a wellspring of opportunities for attackers especially when it comes to social engineering. Something as simple as a misconfigured cloud storage instance or a lapse in credential management can result in a breach. Many of the resources that were breached are secured and private by default. It would require someone to intentionally change the security posture of the resource making those cloud resources less secure and more susceptible. Many times the reality of “temporary” fixes and workarounds eventually become “not-so-temporary.” Sometimes keeping cloud resources safe can be as easy as leaving the default security settings intact. 

Review Resources for Mis-configurations

NephōSec’s insightCloudSec Value Acceleration Program can help with this process. Maximize your Cloud investments through a series of tailored activities that engage technical & business stakeholders, align key performance indicators, and fast-track ICS adoption and implementation throughout your organization. Throughout the program we will focus on security, compliance, integrations, and governance.

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