written by The NephōSec Team 1/19/2021

By this time most of you have failed to keep your New Year’s Resolutions…

Here are NephōSec’s Top 5 Resolutions that you should actually keep!

One of the greatest security risks that face each of us is a lack of security awareness, why it is important, and the procedures of how to keep our digital assets secure.

For many of us, the computers we work on and the networks they are connected to are secured by the IT department.  Certainly a good thing, but as our homes have become the new “office” and we start connecting more devices to our home networks, it is important that we take on a security mindset to protect both our personal data and devices as well as our company’s assets.

January is always a fresh start for many, and so the NephōSec team has created this list to give you the who, what, when, where and why of keeping you and your devices secure.

Make your 2021 resolution to be digitally safe and secure!  Have another item to suggest?  Add it in the comments section below.