Nintendo Security Breach Brings Awareness to MFA

The Japanese gaming company, Nintendo, has reported that 300,000 accounts have been compromised over the past few months, exposing personal information. (

Although Nintendo has not specified in detail how the accounts had been hacked, they have encouraged all users to enable two-factor authentication.

While we typically associate two-factor authentication with more sensitive accounts such as credit cards and emails, the security breach of this tech giant has led to increased conversation over widespread use of Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as MFA.

Multi-factor authentication is the use of two or more factors to verify a person’s identity — some popular forms include an SMS or an email. While MFA can be seen as tedious, we are seeing a need to add this extra layer of security to all accounts, especially those tied to personal information such as the hacked Nintendo accounts.

To learn more, head over to our article linked below on MFA and its importance.

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