Meet the Team: Shay Scarberry

written by Maya Guevara 8/21/2020

This week we are introducing our Cloud Technologist and one of the very first NephōSec employees, Shay Scarberry.

Shay has been with NephōSec for close to three years, when NephōSec was actually Big Co Small Co., and he has made giant contributions to what the company is today. Read more to learn about Shay and how he got started not only in the tech industry, but with us at NephōSec as well.

A passion for tech

Technology has been Shay’s passion ever since he can remember. When asked how he became interested in the tech world, Shay credits his family’s Windows 95 computer. At around six years old, Shay began tinkering around with this family computer. His family didn’t have internet at the time, so Shay mainly played Minesweeper and switched between desktop backgrounds — an amazing feat of technology in his mind. When Shay was around eleven years old, the game MapleStory came out and transformed the way Shay viewed technology. Shay and his friends instantly fell in love with this 2D platform side scrolling game from Korea, and MapleStory became an essential part of their life. In fact, Shay was so dedicated to MapleStory that even though his computer couldn’t run the game, he would go to his friend’s every day to play and would continue playing through the night so that he could keep up with his friends. His family later got internet and Shay spent the next three years playing Maplestory nonstop — with some occasional bike riding and “typical kid activity” mixed in. 

Shay didn’t spend his time just playing video games though, he spent his time learning about them as well. After being introduced to private servers at around thirteen years old, Shay began to develop his technical skills and passion. He spent months reading into private servers and actually was able to successfully set one up with his friend. While his friends moved on to other games and hobbies, Shay continued to be fascinated by this technical side of computers and decided to spend the last two years of high school at a vocational school as a computer programmer. Although Shay already knew most of what he was learning at school, he loved the class and it prompted him to further study network engineering in college — prompting his career in the tech industry.

Working in tech

Shay got started at NephōSec somewhat by chance. After being laid off from his job, Shay searched for work around the Dayton area, where he lives. He was interviewing for a couple different positions when someone reached out to him and asked if he would be interested in a remote Python position based in Cincinnati. Not one to turn down an opportunity, Shay agreed to interview and was chatting with Thomas Martin, NephōSec’s CEO, within a couple of days. From that point on, it was apparent that NephōSec was perfect for Shay. Coming from a background in machine automation and quality process automation, one of the biggest sells for NephōSec was the opportunity to work in the cloud — an environment with much more variety in work and solutions. The cloud, and NephōSec, are the next generation of tech and Shay loves that he is a part of that. 

As one of the first NephōSec employees, Shay has seen the company grow and the team come together — something that means a lot to him. Shay cites the company culture as one of the reasons he loves NephōSec, and that it is the different personalities and the good nature of the team that makes NephōSec stand out. In addition to the inviting culture, Shay loves the freedom that he is given to learn within his role and architect solutions. Since Shay was not formally trained as a Cloud Technologist, a huge part of his onboarding experience was research and education. As he says, “the freedom of expression matched with the unlimited potential of the cloud allows him to make cool, technical solutions that are highly scalable and tolerant” — a continually interesting and exciting aspect of work.

Other than tech

Other than programming, which is what Shay spends most of his time doing even outside of work, Shay has a number of hobbies and interests. For starters, him and his wife, Amanda, love animals. They have a total of six pets: four cats, one dog, and one fish, and each pet has a different adoption story. One of his cats was actually found during a trip to Waffle House. Shay and his wife were driving to Waffle House one night and a white cat happened to cross in front of them. Almost without hesitation, they parked their car and proceeded to follow the cat. 

Shay also enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling — he is a city person at heart and loves to walk through downtown areas and view the modern architecture, but can appreciate a hike through the woods as well. Shay also loves cars, most likely because of the racing games and Hot Wheels he played with as a child, and hopes to one day own a Lamborghini. 

When it comes down to it though, technology is Shay’s passion and tinkering around with different gadgets and learning new programming languages is something he loves to do. Shay is constantly working on side projects like building websites and applications, blogging,  and is even working to program an automated watering system for his herb garden.

The key takeaway? Shay, and all of us at NephōSec, are passionate about what we do.

Come back next week to learn about another of our great team members, or, connect with us at

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