Meet the Team: Pranav Chati

written by Maya Guevara 7/3/2020

This week we are featuring our Tech Development Intern, Pranav Chati.

A rising high school senior, Pranav already has a wealth of science and tech knowledge. He is excited to learn more and grow with us here at NephōSec.

Team introduction

Pranav first inquired about an internship in April, joining the NephōSec team shortly thereafter.  

After his initial summer plans did not go as planned, Pranav  was determined to not let his summer go to waste. He spent his time researching local companies — networking on LinkedIn, and contacting friends about their past experiences and internships. Once Pranav found NephōSec, he didn’t hesitate contacting us with his resume and intent.

Once offered the internship, Pranav soon became a crucial part of the team. One of his favorite parts about working at NephōSec is his coworkers, Shay and Joel. He loves that amongst coding, they can joke around and talk about anime and video games.

Inside and out the office

Pranav has been interested in science and tech ever since he can remember, and as a kid, he was surrounded by it. In particular, Pranav recalls watching his older brother work on coding late at night. Seeing his mom help his brother finish projects before deadlines, it didn’t take long until his competitive side kicked in — he wanted to do the same thing as his brother, just better. 

While competition and exposure played a role in Pranav’s interest, he was also intrigued by cloud security. Working at NephōSec was the perfect opportunity to learn more about cloud technologies while also utilizing his previous coding knowledge.

Primarily self-taught through instruction from his family and YouTube, Pranav takes any opportunity he can to learn. While most high school students spend their summers avoiding work, Pranav not only enjoys the work he does with NephōSec, but consistently takes it to the next level. When his tasks slow down, he goes on YouTube to learn coding new languages or he’ll simply jump on another project and assist the team however he can.

Despite having broken four bones, Pranav likes to stay active outside of work. On any given afternoon, he can be found either playing tennis or teaching. When he’s not doing that, he’s running and working out to improve his tennis skills.

In the future, Pranav plans on attending college and going on to develop his own app and meet fellow Computer Science majors to go to Hackathons with. In addition, he has a personal goal to program a robot that can peel his oranges for him.

We at NephōSec are so glad to have Pranav on the team and are already incredibly impressed by the work he’s done.

Come back next week to learn about another of our great team members, or, connect with us at

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