Meet the Team: Maya Guevara

written by Maya Guevara 11/20/2020

NephōSec is constantly growing and adding more talent to its team. That’s why we believe our Meet the Team articles are so important — so that you can get to know who you are trusting with your assets. Each week or so, we roll out another team member feature! For now, we are introducing Maya Guevara, NephōSec’s current marketing intern.

Meeting Maya

Maya is a third-year student studying Marketing at the University of Cincinnati and NephōSec’s Marketing Intern. Since this summer, she has been helping out our Creative Marketing Director, Susan Flamm on different projects and assignments. She has loved the professional opportunities the internship has awarded, and has learned an abundance of skills under the mentorship of the team since joining. While she loves working on marketing for NephōSec, her favorite part of being an intern here is working with the rest of the team. She loves morning meetings catching up with everyone (as well as talking about work and agendas for the day, of course) and has appreciated the short time it took for her to feel comfortable with everyone.

Getting Started

Maya’s interest in marketing was first sparked along with her first social media account, Instagram. Although she didn’t recognize it then, her desire to create a cohesive feed and “brand” for herself would propel her to study marketing later on. When entering the Lindner College of Business, Maya was a declared International Business major. However, her mind was completely changed after taking her first marketing elective and after the course, she immediately changed her major to marketing. Since then, she has learned to love all aspects of the business — from analytics, to social media, to communications and blog-writing. Although she doesn’t plan on graduating any time soon (she hopes to co-op and study abroad a couple more times first), Maya is excited for all that is left to learn.

Having Fun

Although she was raised in Indianapolis, Maya has come to love Cincinnati since moving here for school in 2018. She loves that campus is right downtown, and has even come to love the “weird quirks” Cincinnati has to offer — especially everyone’s obsession with Skyline. In her free time, she can almost always be found outside. Maya has been an avid rock climber ever since getting started at the University of Cincinnati’s gym, and her favorite weekends are those spent climbing with friends at Red River Gorge. Maya has also picked up road cycling, and always makes sure to get a few long rides in each week, as long as they end in eating some sort of sugary treat.

Some other quick facts about Maya:

  • Her current favorite CD to play in the car is “The Cheetah Girls 2”
  • She loves to travel and lived in Tlaxcala, Mexico for a semester her junior year of high school and then lived in Toulouse, France for a semester her sophomore year of college (until she was sent home due to Covid.
  • Her favorite beverage is Kombucha because “it tastes like a socially acceptable version of pickle juice”
  • On any given virtual meeting, she is almost sure to be wearing llama pants.

The key takeaway? Maya, and all of us at NephōSec, are passionate about what we do.

Come back next week to learn about another of our great team members, or, connect with us at

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