Thomas Martin – Founder, CEO, Director of Chaos & Clarity

  • Working to build and partner with the most advanced Cloud Security Tools on the market
  • Specializing in rapid identification of security vulnerabilities and action against those threats

GE Digital

  •  VP – Application Transformation
    • Appointed to establish and lead the cross-corporation initiative to optimize the application portfolio across each of the GE business lines and transform to cloud enabled technologies
    • Implemented Gartner application PACE layering +Business Value Impact to drive horizontal synergy across business functions. Resulted in the retirement of 1,300+ applications YoY, and the transition of 3,000+ workloads to public cloud resulting in an average 52% reduction of related application infrastructure costs
    • Established the GE application repository creating a Unique Application Identifier (UAI), critical to the management and automation of cloud based applications
    • Developed and implemented Event Driven Automation (GE Bot Army) to drive security, compliance, and resource optimization of applications moved to the public cloud
    • Led pilot efforts with Oracle to transition database and Exadata ERP workloads to Oracle Cloud with SaaS pricing model

GE Oil & Gas

  • VP, Chief Information Officer – Turbomachinery & Global Services, Florence, Italy

GE Aviation 

  • VP, CIO – Assembly, Test & Overhaul
    • SAP ERP deployment, application development, management, and associated infrastructure of 15 locations spanning the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia

Unison Industries 

  • VP, Chief Information Officer